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Ole Olesen-Bagneux


26-sep-2023: Poland/Virtual: Dataops-poland

29-sep-2023: Hamburg, Germany: dbt meetup, willbe listed here: dbt Events 

29-nov-2-dec: Bologna, Italy (not yet confirmed): EMEA Data Conference

27-jan-2024, Austin, Texas: Data Day Texas

early march, 2024, US: World IA Day World IA Day


and.. Something more is cooking!!




Searching for Data is created by Ole Olesen-Bagneux, Ph.D. in Library- & Information Science, and long time data practitioner as a specialist, leader and architect.

Ole Olesen-Bagneux is the author of The Enterprise Data Catalog, published by O'Reilly (2023).

Searching for Data delivers thought leadership, advisory and teaching on data catalogs.

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Thought Leadership

Searching for Data delivers thought leadership with data catalog providers, in the form of

  • webinars, digial events
  • blogposts, e-books & whitepapers
  • talks & book signing (at conferences, summit and meet-ups)
  • and more

Advisory & Teaching

Searching for Data delivers advisory for data catalog customers, including

  • data catalog brown bag seminars
  • data catalog use case scoping 
  • Technology agnostic data catalog course, on the O'Reilly learning platform
  • data management talks in general

The Data Discovery Library

Follow my reviews of eminent data books

on my reading stye:

I want to really get to know the author, and I search meticulously after the authors true self. I search in the prefaces, in the forewords, afterwords, notes, remarks and the biography. That is were authors tend to reveal themselves. Something motivates people to become authors, to sit down and write a book and I search for that. That is the key to understand a book, as I see it. I am trying to answer: Who is the author?

Then I ask more questions. What is the author trying to say? Who is the author saying this to? Why is the author saying exactly this, to that particular audience?